Mantsinen 200 offers significant economical and ecological improvements for your material handling operations. Massive in size, easy to control, the machine brings productivity and agility to your worksite.

The Mantsinen 200 provides more versatility than traditional mobile harbor cranes: in addition to handling bulk materials and general cargo, the 200 can handle full containers up to 5 rows wide and 4 high.

Mantsinen 200 is the true workhorse in medium size ports and terminals. Great reach and capacity combined with the unique Mantsinen features such as the Hybrilift, elevated spacious cabin, and load control system makes Mantsinen 200 the most wanted machine for your operator.

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The Mantsinen 200 is meant for handling various types of cargo at ports and terminals. Handling pulp bales or finished paper rolls is a breeze when the machine is equipped with the right attachment. The precision of the 200 makes the operation faster and requires fewer people to be involved in the loading process adding to the overall safety of the operation.


The full product portfolio of Mantsinen machines is designed for the toughest jobs including scrap handling. When the operation requires maximum reach, power, and load capacity the 200 will be there to do the job.


The agility and feeling of control makes the Mantsinen 200 just as nimble as the smaller machines, but allows for a larger bucket to be used to load more materials with each operational cycle.

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