The Mantsinen 60 carries all the proven qualities that you have learned to expect from a Mantsinen material handling machine in a condensed package. Fast and precise in material handling, this machine is also known for its efficiency and reliability.

Mantsinen 60 is your ultimate scrap and timber loading machine with all the unique Mantsinen features including the largest cabin in the market, safety control system as a standard, and the selection of under carriages for your exact needs.

This machine is optimized for mid-scale material handling but can also be used to handle various materials at terminals and mills.

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Wood handling is the heart and soul of the company, with decades of hands-on experience in the wood handling segment, Mantsinen has perfected the machine for it. The Mantsinen 60 is at home managing wood yards, unloading trucks, and feeding debarking tables at paper and saw mills.


As its big brothers, the 60 is made for loading and unloading bulk materials out of river barges. The 60 can handle up to 400 Tons per hour making any river port or terminal perform their operations faster and more efficiently.


The Mantsinen 60 has been proven to be a beast when it comes to handling scrap. Its heavy duty design and available features make it the perfect machine for scrap yards. It can be utilized for unloading incoming materials or feeding a shredder while providing the same high performance and comfort as our larger machines.

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