Mobile Bulk Material Handling

PORTRUCKS offers perhaps the most advanced and reliable mobile equipment available for free flowing bulk material handling at ports, mines, stockyards, rail loading – unloading etc. It also offers mobile harbour cranes with superior handling capacities to handle various materials from dry bulk to general cargo and even containers. These machines serve to make the handling of various bulk material easier, create lesser wastage and offer great savings in time and costs.



Whether you operate in a mine, quarry, port or plant, Telestack offer the most comprehensive and accomplished range of mobile conveying solutions in the marketplace!

Offering mobile Ship loaders, Ship Unloaders, Hopper Feeders, Truck Unloaders, Bulk Reception Feeders, Stockpiling Conveyors, Link Conveyors and Telescopic Stackers, Telestack have over three decades of experience and literally thousands of custom-designed installations to draw upon!

All of Telestack’s mobile solutions are designed to significantly reduce your operating costs by removing the need for wheel loaders, haul trucks and static conveyors and the personnel, maintenance and operating costs associated with them – all whilst maximising your production rates! The additional safety and environmental benefits of removing that unnecessary traffic from the site are further bonuses.


The mobility of the units means that planning requirements are ordinarily not required and your operation can start in a relatively short time owing to the reduced Capex requirements and shorter lead times compared to fixed infrastructures. The flexibility offered by the mobile units also gives the Operator full control to relocate the Telestack mobile equipment around the site or from site to site quickly and easily putting the full control in your hands.

Telestack Conveyors can handle all free flowing bulk materials including ores, coal, aggregates, fertilizers, grains, woodchips, pellets and many more bulk materials that need moved.


Every day Mantsinen machines handle hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo at the ports and the terminals of the world.

Port operations nowadays are in a constant development stage and under fierce competition, where only the most efficient techniques and solutions survive.
Mantsinen’s role in this rivalry is to be the frontrunner in efficiency and innovation ensuring your continued success. With Mantsinen you have the upper hand in improving the entire logistics process – not just loading the goods.
With Mantsinen hydraulic material handlers, the handling capacity can be more than doubled compared to traditional cable cranes in many cases. The wide range of Mantsinen machines, attachments, and intelligent technology offer the ideal solution for terminals and ports.

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